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Our mission is to create an evolving, competitive league with transparency, independence, community, and professional gymnastics leadership that allows individual gymnasts, coaches, and agencies to thrive.


  • Community/Family
  • Fun Environment
  • Focused on individual athlete participation & success
  • Organize and well-run competitions
  • Values sportsmanship
  • Relationships with judges
  • Affordable
  • Reasonable time commitment of athletes


Compulsory Level 2

Ages 5 and up

 Compulsory 2 is an introductory level for girls ages 5 and older. In this level, girls compete in an exhibition format with the goal of gaining confidence, a strong work ethic, and determination in basic gymnastics skills. Compulsory 2 athletes will learn the format of gymnastics competition and be individually challenged to improve their routines throughout the season. Gymnasts compete in 4 regular season meets throughout the season and receive a ribbon on each event at every meet. Compulsory 2 skills include backbend kickover and roundoff on floor, back hip circle and shoot through on bars, see saw and position development on beam and a handstand flat back on vault.

Compulsory Level 3

Ages 6 and up

Compulsory 3 is a recreationally competitive level for gymnasts ages 6 and older. Routines are judged and scored. Gymnasts compete against similar aged competitors. Compulsory 3 focuses on developing a positive attitude towards competition and the development of gymnastics skills into routines.  Gymnasts compete in 4 regular season meets with the opportunity to qualify for regionals and state. Compulsory 3 skills include back walkover, front handspring and back extension rolls on floor, squat on and front hip circle on bars, handstand and cartwheels on beam and a front handspring over a vault system.


Compulsory Level 4

Ages 6 and up

Compulsory 4 is an advanced recreationally competitive level for gymnasts ages 6 and older.

While the skills are more difficult at this level, the desire is to promote a positive competitive experience, increased sense of focus, and continued development of confidence and determination. Gymnasts compete against similar aged peers. Compulsory 4 skills include front handspring series and back handsprings on floor, kips and tap swings on bars, cartwheels, full turns and advanced jumps on beam and a front handspring over the vault table.


Optional Level

Ages 7 and up

The optional level is for gymnasts ages 7 and older. Optionals consists of levels 1-5 with advancement in each level being determined by score and individual progress. Optional gymnasts compete original routines based on personal skills and strengths. The goal of the optional level is to develop gymnasts into strong high school gymnasts through building self-esteem, goal setting and teaching life skills while encouraging athletes to become strong, confident individuals! Optional gymnasts compete in 4 regular season meets with the opportunity to qualify for regionals and state based. CGL follows the National Federation of High Schools Sports Gymnastics rulebook for scoring. 


Participating Teams

ChalkBox Gymnastics

45580 Cricket Circle, Elizabeth, CO 80107




Achieve Gymnastics

3460 South Fairplay Way, Aurora, CO 80014




Country Gymnastics

 11459 County Road 33, Sterling, CO 80751





Incline Gymnastics

8160 Blakeland Dr, Unit F, Littleton, CO 80125